Carroll County Home Watch Services
Serving Carroll County New Hampshire and Surrounding Areas
"You can't put a price on peace of mind"



Alarm Response

  • $75 for call out billed at $40 per hour after first hour

Home Inspections

Home inspections of your vacant home can be performed weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  The frequency of the home checks are determined by the homeowner and their needs.

Inside Items Checked:
  • Doors and windows secure
  • Check for mold/mildew
  • Inspect for insect and pests
  • Check for water leaks and damage around windows and skylights as well as obvious roof leaks
  • Heating or AC functioning properly
  • Check circuit breaker for tripped fuses or signs of electric surge
  • Freezer/Refrigerator working properly
  • Check all timer activated lights for proper operation
  • Check plumbing for signs of leaking pipes

Outside Items Checked:
  • Check exterior of home and garage as well as outbuildings for signs of attempted or forced entry, as well as vandalism (notify police if necessary)
  • Check for ice jams, large snow loads and any visible missing shingles
  • Collect any mail or packages found during inspection and move to inside of home
  • Check for any other issues that are or may become a future problem

Home Inspection Rates

  • Weekly (4 times per month) $100
  • Bi-Weekly (2 times per month) $60
  • Monthly (1 time per month) $40
Hourly Rate

  • $40 per hour / one hour minimum

Alarm Response

  • We will provide key holder response to alarms activated at your home and wait for law enforcement to arrive, allowing them to gain access to interior of residence (24 hrs a day)